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19th Louisiana Volunteer Infantry

Links Page

Links to other Reenactors


Tennessee Valley Battalion

"Hardees" Rifle and Infantry Tactics - Good source of drill information.

Red River Battalion/Ninth Texas Infantry

3rd Kentucky Infantry, Company C

7th Arkansas Infantry, Company I

27th Alabama Infantry

9th Mississippi Infantry (Corinth Rifles)

31st Tennessee Infantry Web Page

12th Texas Infantry Home Page

2nd Arkansas Infantry

The Breckinridge Battalion Homepage

Terrell's Texas Cavalry - Very informative multi-racial re-enactor site

TentSmiths - Great Place for Tents

1st Confederate Division

Parson's Dragoons/12th Texas Cav

6th Pennsylvania Cavalry Home Page

104th Pennsylvania Infantry

4th U. S. Artillery, Battery B

Mississippi Valley Brigade

Other Links of Intrest

The American Civil War Archive

Dreams In Prints - Historical Labels & Stationary

Civil War Art

ReWEP Associates Internet Mall - Music midi's, etc.

Sutlersville - Something for everyone.

DixieNet - Southron history at it's best !

Civil War Circuit "Stuff Center" - Free stuff !!!

- History and Genealogy -

The National Archives & Records Administration - Need information on your ancestors?

The Library of Congress - Very good reference site.

The Museum of the Confederacy

Carlisle Military History Institute

Root Digging Department - Very good Genealogy site with numerous links.

Sons of Confederate Veterans Home Page - To honor our ancestors.

United Daughters of the Confederacy - Where would we be without them?

Confederate Network - Huzzah Huzzah

The "Alamo" Web Site - For the Texas history buff.

Southern Country - Home of the Swampers

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Updated May 1, 1998